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Compliance Services

VCU Health Compliance Services is dedicated to the advancement of professional standards of conduct and ethical practices throughout the organization. Compliance Services aspires to promote a culture of compliance by preventing, correcting, and investigating issues through consultation, education, and enforcement. Our goal is to provide all employees and visitors to our site a central location for accessing information regarding the wide range of compliance issues that impact the health system.

Core elements of the program include:

  • Commitment and support from executive leaders Institutional policies, standards and expectations
  • Education and outreach
  • Routine monitoring and auditing
  • Timely and appropriate responses to compliance issues
  • On-going assessment, analysis and response to emerging risks and regulatory developments
  • Processes which invite and enable the safe reporting of compliance concerns
  • Timely investigation of reported concerns and protecting of complainant rights
  • Implementation of appropriate sanctions and corrective actions to address noncompliance when it occurs
  • Process improvement projects as needed to enhance compliance efforts
  • Regular evaluations of program effectiveness

The commitment to compliance is imbedded in the expectation that all members of the medical center will meet the professional, ethical and regulatory standards associated with their individual roles. Faculty, staff, residents, students and other affiliates, are all expected to maintain current knowledge of rules and regulations related to their work, comply with the medical center's policies and procedures, act in a professional and ethical manner, and contact appropriate institutional offices when questions or concerns about compliance arise. To learn more, go to our compliance document page.

Reporting a Concern

Any suspected or actual violation may be reported by calling the Compliance Helpline at 1-800-620-1438 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) or by submitting a report through our website at https://app.convercent.us/en-us/LandingPage/caa17cba-31d8-eb11-a840-000d3afda485.

You may also contact Compliance Services by email at complianceservices@vcuhealth.org or report concerns directly to VCU Health's Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer by calling (804) 828-0500. Any reports or complaints submitted will be handled with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.