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Wound Healing Care

Multifaceted Wound Care Team Treats Acute, Traumatic and Complex Wounds

Our wound care team at VCU Health is an inpatient nursing consultative service that provides innovative, evidence based wound and ostomy care. We care for adults, children and neonate or newborn patients with acute and chronic wounds, complex fistulas and fecal/urinary ostomies.

Our team of certified nurses provide individualized plans of care working with the interdisciplinary team to ensure successful outcomes. The wound care team engages in cutting edge research and is committed to educating patients, families, students, providers and the community.

Advanced Wound Management for Chronic Conditions

To manage wounds, our nurses begin care by performing appropriate wound bed preparation. This is accomplished by using mechanical, enzymatic or ultrasonic debridement which is the removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from the wound. In addition, we use MIST therapy, a low-frequency, non contact ultrasound therapy which has been found to rescue damaged tissue. Other new and innovative wound care treatments at VCU Medical Center include:

  • Coagulant QUICK, a revolutionary new treatment to stop bleeding
  • Silicone based prophylactic pressure and shear reducing dressings
  • Negative pressure wound care
  • Collagen based wound matrix
  • Advanced antimicrobial dressings

Latest Medical Advancements in Wound Care Dressings

All dressings we use are considered advanced wound care products and in outpatient settings, biologics are also used to promote healing. Biologics provide growth factors which assist healing on a cellular level.

Nationally Recognized Wound Care Team

Our nationally recognized wound care team has published peer review articles and book chapters. They lecture at conferences and educational seminars locally, regionally and on a national level. Annually they provide a 2 day educational symposium geared toward health care clinicians called Stepping Stones to Excellence in Wound Care. Recently, our wound care team developed and hosted an International Pressure Ulcer Summit bringing together key stakeholders from around the country to discuss the challenges of pressure ulcer prevention. The work of this summit has been published in 4 journal articles.

Teaching Excellence in Wound Care Management

Using the latest findings on wound care and wound management, we provide patient and professional education to help continue the healing process after going home. Additionally, we offer information to patients on disease management - especially with ostomy and fistula management. This information helps patients adjust  to changes, decreases readmissions and improves quality of life.