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340B Drug Pricing Program

Discount drug program means more support for our patients and community

The 340B program requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to sell certain outpatient drugs at a discount to eligible health care providers. This includes safety net health systems like VCU Health System. Congress created the program in 1992 to allow providers to “stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.”

We saved approximately $114 million in 2020 through the 340B program. These savings help support our pharmacy access and community health programs.

We improve patients’ health within the hospital and in our communities.

Discounted Medications

Qualifying patients get discharge medications at no cost and may receive refills for $4 at our pharmacies. Nearly 2,100 patients received 27,300 discounted or free medications in 2020. With 7 pharmacies, we’re able to reach our patients who need this the most. 

Medical-Legal Partnership

Some circumstances make health problems more difficult to manage. Qualifying patients and families can get free legal advice and representation with our Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) Program. MLP helps patients access and maintain housing, employment, public benefits and more, so you can focus on your health.

Virginia Supportive Housing Partnership

Our medically complex patients, like those living with sickle cell disease, benefit from our partnership with Virginia Supportive Housing. The partnership provides permanent housing and supportive services for those who need it most.

A Success Story: Takia Gant

Takia Gant, whose 1-year old son Adrian has cerebral palsy, knows first-hand the importance of legal assistance as a part of comprehensive health care. When her apartment had an unpleasant smell and was overrun with rodents, her already-fragile son experienced a reoccurring illness. She tried many times to get the general manager to take action without success. Adrian’s pediatrician, Tiffany Kimbrough, M.D. at CHoR, referred Gant to MLP-Richmond.

“Within a month, the attorney got us out of the apartment and into a new one. She even got my rent reduced at the new apartment to match what I was paying before,” Gant said. “Having somebody to help me made my life so much easier. She was basically my voice. She still calls and checks up on me to make sure everything is going great.”

Adrian has not been sick in four months and is no longer on supplemental oxygen as he prepared to celebrate his second birthday.

340B Program Oversight

We are dedicated to 340B program oversight and compliance. Our oversight committee routinely meets to review program updates and provide internal oversight. We also employ routine controls, such as auditing, monitoring and education, to ensure compliance with the 340B program.