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CMH Community Hospice

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CMH Community Hospice has been offering comprehensive, personalized care since 1990 to patients and their families coping with end of life issues at home or inpatient setting.  Through the years, our Hospice has maintained its commitment to the overall wellbeing of our patients by addressing not only the physical condition but also any emotional, social, and spiritual needs during this challenging time.  We understand the impact of illness on our patient as well as their loved ones and include the family through all phases of care and continuing into bereavement.   Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplain, aides, and volunteers work together to help patients spend their days as comfortable and fully as possible.

Hospice Eligibility

To receive hospice services, one must meet criteria that establishes eligibility.  A physician certifies that the patient has a terminal illness when a life expectancy is limited to months.  The patient is no longer receiving or actively seeking curative treatment but is focusing on comfort and symptom control. He or she must desire hospice care and have a caregiver that is available.

Insurance and Financial Arrangements

Hospice services are covered through Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances. Skilled services are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and/or other third party payers. Uninsured patients will be given resources to assist with care. Community Hospice is committed to providing hospice services regardless of financial circumstances.

Hospice Services

When a patient decides to utilize the hospice benefit, they are provided medical care under the direction of the patient's physician and hospice team.  A specially-trained team of professionals work together, with the patient and family, on a plan of care tailored to the patient’s needs. Nurses, social workers, chaplain,  volunteers, certified nursing assistants, physical, speech, and occupational therapists all work together to support you and your family. A hospice nurse is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Prescription Drugs

Hospice patients who elect the Hospice Benefit may receive prescription drugs and biologicals as prescribed for comfort purposes by the attending physician. This includes pain medications and medication for symptom control.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Medical equipment includes any durable medical equipment and self help devices that may be prescribed in the plan of care. These devices serve to minimize pain or discomfort, prevent avoidable injury or allow the hospice patient to maintain a measure of functional independence. Medical equipment must be obtained through a CMH Community Hospice approved provider. This may include dressings, skin care products, catheters, etc.

Respite Care

Respite care may be offered when the primary caregiver is unable to provide the usual care. This may be due to the caregiver needing to be out of town or the caregiver is needing some relief from the 24 hour care needs of the patient.  Respite services include the direct care and supervision of the patient in order to provide a period of relief to the primary caregiver.  A level of care must be determined by the Team and care is provided in an inpatient setting for a limited basis.

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Our volunteers are devoted and passionate community members who provide support and companionship in a variety of ways based on the needs of our patients and families.  Volunteers are able to come visit allowing the caregiver time to run errands, take a lunch with a friend, or to be an extra support on the days that need it. For patients, volunteers give them the chance to share their time, find companionship, and the chance to be more of themselves. Trained volunteers provide practical and emotional support to hospice patients and their families.

Volunteers may provide:

  • Companionship to include visiting, listening, laughing together, storytelling, card games, hobby work, music, reading, or just quiet time.
  • Help around the house such as lawn care, household tasks, meal prep, gardening, dog walking.
  • Respite for caregivers and patients to take a break during the day to be who they were before they were the patient and caregiver.
  • Legacy work to help the patient share their feelings and plans for their loved ones.

We Honor Veterans Program

CMH Community Hospice teams with We Honor Veterans, a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  This partnership focuses on the unique needs of our veterans and their families. 

Bereavement Services

CMH Community Hospice offers bereavement services to our hospice families that start on admission and continues after the patient’s death. We understand that everyone’s grief is different, so we offer individualized services to help you and your loved ones along on this journey in finding your new normal. Through the ups and downs, we are there to walk with you through your year of many “firsts”.

Our services include:

  • Individual and Family Sessions (children & teens included): Through our individual and family counseling sessions, we are able to assist those needing guidance in finding their new normal. We are there to help with the transition of returning to work or school after a loss, processing new emotions that your grief may bring you, and provide you with skills to assist in dealing with your loss.
  • Monthly Grief Support Group Meetings: Offering a safe space for discussion, our Monthly Grief Support Group is open to public for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. In this setting, you are able to bond and participate in fellowship with others while processing and gaining knowledge and skills for moving through your grief journey.
  • Annual Celebration of Life Service: Our Annual Celebration of Life is held in the late spring of every year. Here we celebrate and honor the patients who we have had the privilege to serve and be with during the passing. We invite all family members to attend and participate in our Sand Ceremony, where we call out the names of all patients who we have lost, select a color of sand and pour it into a vase, representing each individual who has passed.
  • Annual Coping with the Holidays Program: The holidays can be difficult after experiencing a loss. Our Annual Coping with the Holidays programs provides supportive tips and suggestions to guide you through the holiday season. From finding new holiday traditions to allowing yourself to stay in for the holidays, your loved one will be thought of during this season.

If you would like more information about: CMH Community Hospice, a hospice speaker, becoming a hospice volunteer, or making a contribution to hospice, please contact:

Community Hospice
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South Hill, Virginia 23970

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