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Group Prenatal Care

Group Prenatal Care is an innovative and patient-centered group approach to prenatal care that is offered to all expecting moms and their support person. The appointments include your individual prenatal check-in as well as additional learning and discussion in a group setting. Pregnant people and their support person in the group learn from one another’s questions and experiences. Friendships and support develop that last well beyond pregnancy.

Group prenatal care

This program brings together 8 to 12 women of similar due dates. The group meets on the same day of the week and time for ten two-hour prenatal sessions and two postpartum sessions.  This is the same frequency as regular prenatal care appointments.  At each session, you’ll enjoy:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care with the same provider
  • Facilitated discussions on topics such as labor preparation, stress reduction, nutrition, breastfeeding, parenting and more
  • Ample time to ask questions
  • Support group with other parents that lasts beyond pregnancy
  • Feeling educated, empowered and confident

Sessions are led by an obstetrician, certified nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner. All sessions are help at Adult Outpatient Pavilion on VCU Medical Center’s downtown campus.

To register, please call (804) 828-4409.

It’s super important to meet mom’s that are having kids within the same timeframe. You are able to share your pregnancy experiences you might not share with anyone else.

- Janina Crawford, Group Prenatal Care Participant