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Vestibular Rehab

Have you experienced any episodes of dizziness or feeling off balance?

Are you tired of being afraid of falling? Current research has shown new conservative treatment options that could help.

An estimated 90 million Americans experience dizziness at least once in their lifetime, causing balance deficits and functional limitations. Vestibular rehab can provide patient specific exercises to decrease your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Who would benefit from vestibular rehab?

Anyone that experiences dizziness, vertigo, feeling unsteady, or frequently falls. These symptoms could be caused by BPPV ("floating crystals"), labrynthitis , Ménière’s disease, migraine associated vertigo, or an acoustic neuroma. Many people suffer from these symptoms off and on throughout their lifetime and could show some improvements within just 2-3 sessions.

What exactly is vestibular rehab?

A thorough evaluation process is conducted to determine a comprehensive problem list affecting the person's ability to function. Exercises are then provided to target each individual’s current impairment. Sessions are one-on-one, working towards goals to improve functionality, and in some cases replace medication.

  • Evaluation consists of a musculoskeletal examination and balance assessment, followed by tests to determine how head movement and changes in body position affect symptoms of dizziness. From this information, an appropriate rehab treatment approach is formulated.

  • Infrared goggles may be used to observe special eye movements  that can provide important clues about the cause of a person’s dizziness.

Benefits of a Vestibular Rehabilitation Program

  • Improved walking

  • Improved control of movements

  • Decreased feelings of dizziness

  • Increased feeling of body control

  • Decreased difficulty navigating stairs

  • Walk in crowded areas with increased ease

  • Sit and stand with increased control and balance

Where can you receive treatment?

VCU Health Rehab at South Hill currently provides vestibular rehabilitation with an expert specifically trained for these individuals.

Will insurance cover this treatment?

Medicare and most insurance companies will cover this service.

What’s the next step?

If you have experienced vertigo or unsteadiness, contact your doctor and discuss your therapy options. A referral is required to receive therapy.
Call 434-447-0895 to set up your appointment and start your active approach to recovery.