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Scheduling appointments

Secretarial staff are available M - F from 7:30am - 5:15pm to assist with scheduling appointments. At the time the appointment is scheduled, the following information will be requested; name of patient, date of birth of patient, type of appointment, referring physician, diagnosis, insurance, pre authorization number if required, phone number of patient (prefer home and mobile number if possible), and any special instructions. Appointments can be made by phone or in person. A valid provider referral is always required. It is preferred that the order be faxed to the hospital at the time that the procedure is scheduled.

If appointment is scheduled for a future date, an attempt will be made to provide the patient with a reminder call. During this reminder call, the patient will be provided an opportunity to ask questions regarding the service that will be provided and will be given any instructions that may be required. All patients are requested to give 24-hour notice if unable to keep an appointment. Voice mail is available for leaving messages.

Cardiovascular diagnostic appointments for procedures such as carotids, venous, arterial procedures, echoes, pacemaker checks, Holter monitors, graded exercise test or EKG's can by scheduled by calling 888-803-1410.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy appointments can be scheduled by calling 434-447-0895.

Respiratory diagnostic appointments for procedures such as PFT's and EEG's can be scheduled by calling 434-584-5128.